Kuldīga- Kurzemes – Zemgales hercogistes atspoguļotāja

Kuldīga- Kurzeme-Zemgale duchy correspondent

The values of the old town of Kuldīga have been studied, formulated, managed and prepared for a long time as documents for the advancement to the UNESCO world cultural heritage list. This list includes the World's most unique values in the context of nature, culture and their interaction. The initial idea of Kuldīga Old Town as a UNESCO site was born in 1997, so all processes related to Kuldīga Old Town, as part of the world heritage, have been developed for several decades, which has helped to promote and implement the preservation and gentle restoration of Kuldīga Old Town in a wider scope.

The nomination documentation is currently being developed, which is the final stage for entry into the list. About half of the work in the development of the documentation has been completed: defining, mapping, summarizing the unique features in the world context, comparative analysis with other similar places in Latvia and the world, and updating the national application. 2020 will be an active year of work to do the rest: the value and overall management plan for the old town, the realization of the scientific conference and publication on the subject of the duchy, the creation of a nomination file that includes descriptions of the place, value, management materials and rich visual material.

The unique value of the World Heritage of Kuldīga Old Town, discussed in discussions with specialists at the local and international level, is Kuldīga Old Town as the best-preserved and last existing evidence of the urban environment of the times of the Duchy of Kurzeme and Zemgale, which is reflected in the layout of natural elements, streets and squares with essential preserved architecture of the Duchy. character and infrastructure elements. In a broader historical context, the historical center of Kuldīga is a tangible proof of the life of a small country that defended its rights among other much larger powers on the international scale of that time.

We invite those interested to participate in the nearest related event - a scientific conference, which will be held on 2-3 in April in Kuldīga about unresearched aspects of the history and culture of the Duchy of Kurzeme and Zemgale and the 16th-18th century Kuldīga in the context of Europe and the world.

The whole process of managing the old town is unthinkable and must not take place without the involvement of the local - Kuldīdzniek - as well as the rest of Latvian residents and specialists, institutions, therefore, in parallel with other current public involvement processes (old town regional planning, separate construction plans, management plan, etc.) we invite residents to actively participate in the discussions held , at conferences, working groups and events related to the preservation and development of the old town of Kuldīga as a whole, as well as everyday life and festive moments.

May we together succeed in getting Kuldīga into the UNESCO world cultural heritage list, for which 2020 is the final year of work before submitting the application and starting the international evaluation!