Aicina UNESCO spēles cienītājus iegūt jaunas zināšanas par vecpilsētu Tēva dienas svinībās

UNESCO invites fans of the game to gain new knowledge about the old city in celebration of Father's Day

The UNESCO game, which has become a nice tradition, was planned in the spring in the old town of Kuldīga, which would have been held for the 12th time already. Since the students studied remotely in the spring, the event could not take place. The organizer of the game, Kuldīga old town management specialist Sintija Vītoliņa invites all lovers of the UNESCO game on Sunday, September 13, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to the Kuldīga Restoration Center, Baznīcas Street 30, to participate in the Father's Day celebration "Looking for the treasures of ancestors", to gain new knowledge about the old town of Kuldīga and have a good time. 

The content of the event will be made up of joint activities of families in the Kuldīga restoration center and in the old town. As the old town of Kuldīga holds such treasures as ancient buildings, bridges and a unique urban environment, for the preservation of which a restoration center has been created, which promotes the traditions of ancient crafts, within the framework of the event, visitors will be invited to get to know these treasures in an interesting and appropriate way for the target audience.

At this event, visitors will be offered to actively participate in six activities, which include both practical work with materials such as wood, veneer, window trim and paints, as well as an orientation game in the old town of Kuldīga, during which various tasks must be performed.

The program of the event will consist of events such as the game of ancient tools, in which children, together with their father or grandfather, will try to determine what action the specific tool is intended for, using the center's collection of ancient tools. A workshop on the use of woodworking tools is planned, where it will be possible to shape large spirals of wood chips and create small geometric figures in wood with a chisel. A gluing workshop will be held, where visitors will learn how to represent wood fiber with combs on veneer sheets. In the window caulking workshop, you will be able to try your hand at caulking glass using traditional natural materials. On the other hand, in the "Build your own house" workshop, you will be able to make and paint a model of your own Kuldīga house.

The old town game "Find a unicorn in Kuldīga" invites you to navigate the streets of the old town, count, measure, draw various treasures, in order to finally find the unicorn on the weather vane on the roof of a house.