Par UNESCO nominācijas “Kuldīga / Goldingena Kurzemē” pārvaldības plāna nodošanu publiskajai apspriešanai

On submitting the management plan for the UNESCO nomination "Kuldīga / Goldingen Kurzeme" to public consultation

On April 28, 2016, the Kuldīgas County Council made a decision "On the advancement of the nomination included in the Latvian national list of UNESCO World Heritage to the World Heritage List" (prot. No. 4, p.8).

On March 25, 2020, the municipality of Kuldīga district concluded an agreement with SIA "Metrum" for the preparation of the Kuldīga UNESCO nomination management plan for the section of the UNESCO World Heritage nomination application.

The nomination management pls system law has been developed as a policy planning document for the nomination territory determined by the municipality and its buffer zone, but its strategic goals and planned actions, as well as management, development, etc. aspects go beyond the defined area and affect much wider areas and territories.

We announce that there will be a public consultation on the draft management plan. The project of the management plan can be consulted electronically, as well as in person at the administration building of the municipality of Kuldīga region, by submitting written proposals. Information on public consultation deadlines will follow in future publications.